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Amalgam Removal: Health Observations Before and After

Another excellent study, Health Observations Before and After Amalgam Removal by Dr. Paul Engel, a Swiss dentist, showed significant improvement in a number of health issues directly related to chronic mercury poisoning. All of the patients tested had been treated in his practice, and once he became aware of the health hazards of mercury amalgam fillings he encouraged his patients to have them removed and replaced with a healthier dental filling. The purpose of the study was to determine which symptoms existed prior to amalgam filling removal and which ones improved after removal. Again, the improvements recorded were solely the result of mercury amalgam filling removal. Other than any supplements a participant may have been taking before or after amalgam removal, none of the patients participated in a standardized mercury detoxification program. 

Seventy-five patients (52 women and 23 men) were evaluated, all having one or more of the 53 symptoms that were evaluated. The symptoms ranged from 36 complaints of migraines to one case of diabetes. Those with the greatest number of complaints are shown below: 

        Symptoms Prior to Amalgam Removal                 


# of Complaints





   Gastro-intestinal problems


   Neck tensions








   Vision disturbances


   Back pain


   Mental disorder


   Joint pain


Shoulder/arm pain


After the amalgams were removed, all of the participating patients rated changes to their health as follows: 

     Percent of Subjects Reporting Changes Due to Filling Removal     

   Change Noted


   Much better




   Somewhat better


   No improvement




   No Assessment


(For more details about how to support your body's efforts to eliminate mercury, see Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body.)

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