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Mercury Detoxification Program & Amalgam Removal: Related Health Improvements

A study assessed by Linda Jones, Dental Amalgam and Health Experience: Exploring Health Outcomes and Issues for People Medically Diagnosed with Mercury Poisoning, evaluated 35 people who had previously been told that their symptoms, including cognitive deficits and mood swings, were psychosomatic. The most common conditions they expressed were chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), candidiasis, allergies, migraines, and chronic or recurring flu symptoms, all of which are related to chronic mercury poisoning. Of the 32 who had begun amalgam removal, 29 reported enduring health gains. Of the 30 who had completed both amalgam removal and a mercury detoxification program, 21 experienced a full return to health and the activities of daily life. Eight others in the study reported recovering from the symptoms they attributed to mercury, but now had either a new problem related to detoxification or a pre-existing condition that didn’t improve. Only one person following the protocols experienced no lasting improvement. The three who hadn’t begun amalgam removal were still ill and felt that they were deteriorating. 

Another study by Lindh and associates looked at improvements in symptoms and quality of life of 776 people who had their mercury amalgam fillings removed and participated in a mercury detoxification program. The subjects suffered from an array of symptoms related to chronic mercury poisoning; including those related to general, neurological, psychiatric, and oral health. More than 70% of those who completed both removal and detoxification reported a substantial recovery and increased quality of life. 

Though not everyone got completely better and not every symptom was eliminated, each of these studies showed a high percentage of improvement in symptoms related to chronic mercury poisoning for those who had their amalgam fillings removed and participated in a mercury detoxification program.

 (For more details about how to safely remove eliminate mercury from your body see, Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body)

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