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Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body : Making Patient Education Profitable


My simple suggestion is to make Healthy Teeth available to all of your dental patients, but definitely to new patients and for those with existing gum disease and those heading in that direction. They will not only appreciate it, but will actively spread the word to others. Keep in mind that the book is not intended to replace your existing preventive program, but I guarantee that it will make it more effective and more profitable. 

I also suggest that you make a stamp that says this book was provided by your office, with your contact information. Healthy Teeth is the type of book that is passed around, and everyone exposed to it is potentially a new dental patient. Whether you pass along the cost by charging your patients for it is up to you, but my experience is that a free book will be the most effective and inexpensive form of promoting the uniqueness of your patient education program. I also recommend that you keep a copy in your waiting room. Very few patients will have been given such a book and it’s the most effective way to make a statement about your office’s attitude toward patient education and dental disease prevention. 

Be Creative

I’ve no doubt that you will develop your own way of providing Healthy Teeth to your patients, and I encourage you to be creative in your approach. This will be the first time they will have been given this information and I guarantee that they will appreciate what you have done for them.  

I’d also like to share some ideas that have been passed along to me. Most offices have the dental hygienist give the book to the patient, as patients readily associate oral hygiene education with the hygienist. Some offices have the dentist and the entire staff sign the book . . . and I think this is a great idea. Others give it to new dental patients at the first examination and to existing patients at their next hygiene appointment. Some give out a toothbrush or floss with the book. There are many ways to do it. Let me know the innovative ways you've come up with to present it to your patients. Email me by Clicking Here.

Standardizing Patient Education: Providing a Choice

Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body ensures that every patient will receive the same oral hygiene information—in the same way. This approach standardizes patient education, correcting what has been missing in our profession since its inception.

While the hygienist or dentist cannot force their dental patients to practice what they teach; it is the obligation of our profession to provide all patients with the information they need to make a real choice—that of choosing health over disease. Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health will help all your dental patients achieve that goal. 

Note: The Online version of Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body: How to Make Patient Education Profitable is available as a Booklet. You can order the printed version of the Booklet by calling 800-335-7755. Susan, my Marketing Director, would be happy to discuss my patient education program in more detail and help you implement it.

In Health,


Dr. Tom