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Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body  

The Effect of Gum Disease on Overall Health: Educating the Patient

While the treatment of the systemic diseases listed above are not the responsibility of the dental professional, educating dental patients about the detrimental effects of dental disease on overall health is most definitely our responsibility.

But it isn’t enough just to make your patients aware of the problem! It is also our responsibility to make sure they have the information they need to eliminate dental disease. Once patients are made aware of this connection, it is much easier to motivate them to fully participate in an oral hygiene education program. Having focused on patient education for over 30 years, I can assure you that utilizing my approach will:

Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance  

The book emphasizes that it is functionally, practically, and financially advantageous for the patient to get the very best dental treatment available. Because Healthy Teeth-Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health clearly explains the importance of oral health, the patient will now fully appreciate the value of restoring his or her mouth to optimal health and function. When patients become aware that fillings, crowns and bridges will last longer with proper home care, they will be much more receptive to the ideal treatment plan. There is no doubt that an effective patient education program leads directly to increased treatment plan acceptance. 

Be a “Word of Mouth” Practice Builder 

Everyone agrees that word of mouth is the best way to build and sustain a dental practice. Approximately 85% of all dental patients are referred by other patients. The majority of your patients will have not been provided such in-depth and user friendly information before, and they will appreciate that you are also concerned about treating the whole person; not just their gums and teeth. As a result, your patients will actively spread the word about your holistic approach to oral health to their families, friends, and co-workers. 

Provide Legal Protection 

Did you know that dentists have been sued because patients said the dental office did not provide provable education to patients about how to take care of their teeth, gums, and dental restorations? You can protect yourself by providing Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body to your patients and recording that you did so in each patient’s record. It is especially important to do this for those ‘problem’ patients who have previously not responded to your efforts to educate them about oral hygiene.

Gum Disease Prevention Program: Why it Works

The key to the success of any patient education program is ultimately determined by compliance. There are three main elements to insuring that it will work; the patient, the hygienist, and your willingness to let the hygienist implement my education system into your practice. Because my book includes all the elements of a successful dental wellness education program, it will provide your patients with the following benefits: 

Education: It provides the basic information the dental patient needs to eliminate dental disease with the help of your hygienist and staff.

"Practical, user-friendly  and entertaining"

Motivation: The dental disease prevention program is motivational because it generates patient interest and participation.

"They will love it"

Generate awareness of the problem: The dental patient is made aware of the seriousness of dental disease and its effects on oral and overall health and the patient’s role in preventing it.

"A must for patient compliance"

Demonstrate that positive results are possible: The dental patient will learn that through quality treatment and self-care, dental disease can be eliminated, the teeth can be restored to health and function, and overall health will improve.

"It gets results"

Provide an at-home method of self-examination: A key to the success of any dental wellness education program is personal empowerment.

"Gets them involved"

Provide ongoing monitoring and support: The book is designed to provide the dental patient with a built in support system—the hygienist—who will monitor, reinforce, and guide the patient through every step in the healing and maintenance process.

"Demonstrates that they are not alone"

I don’t believe you can expect anything more from a patient education program, and you can now understand why it will be so effective in your office.