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Benefits of Testing for Biocompatibility of Dental Materials?

Determining the compatibility of dental materials is also important for those who have existing allergies because their immune systems have already been compromised and having to deal with new allergies to dental materials will only serve to worsen their condition. In addition, those with any existing health problem that compromises the immune system should seriously consider testing for their compatibility to any new dental materials that will be used to repair or replace teeth. 

All diseases and health issues stress the immune system and if you are allergic to one or more dental materials you will be placing an extra burden on your immune system. If your health professional is treating you for allergies but has been unable to track down the culprit, I recommend that you consider being tested for potential allergic reactions to dental materials. In some situations this could mean making the effort to determine if you are allergic to any of your existing fillings, crowns, bridges, or dentures. Of course the first place to start is to have all of your mercury-amalgam (silver) fillings removed and replaced with biocompatible replacements. 

Even if you don’t now have an allergy or health problem, this test should be considered as a preventive measure before replacing any fillings. After all, the body is being constantly exposed to harm from everything from bacteria to toxic materials, and even everyday stress—so why expose it unnecessarily to dental materials that you may be allergic to?