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Educating Your Patients

If you refer your patients to mercury-safe dentists they will take care of educating the patient and you won’t have to be involved in that part. You can also recommend my website and books as they will serve to introduce patients to oral health issues and its important relationship to their overall health.

This means you don’t have to take valuable office time explaining it to them. You cannot make choices for your patients, but you can provide them with a source of instructive and credible information from which they can make their own educated decisions.

Benefits to Your Practice

Stressing the importance of good oral health to your patients will benefit your practice in the following ways:

It will increase the treatment success rate for patients who take the necessary steps to eliminate gum disease and safely remove and replace mercury amalgam fillings. As long as your patients are suffering from an active oral disease or chronic mercury poisoning, any treatment you provide will be appreciably less effective. Note that at least 80% of the adult population has some form of gum disease and nearly 200 million have amalgam fillings. This could mean that a significant percentage of your patients now suffer from one or both.

It will be a practice builder. Your patients will appreciate the fact that you are concerned about their total health and have taken the time to point out the seriousness of mercury poisoning and gum disease. Few physicians take this whole body approach and provide this information to their patients. Doing so will be a great word-of-mouth practice builder.

It will serve as a reminder. Patients will now understand that as long as they are being poisoned by mercury and have active oral infections, their existing health problems will be impossible to fully resolve. It will inform them that if they truly want to improve their health, quality of life, and extend life expectancy, they will also need to deal with their oral health issues. In addition, it puts them on notice that taking care of their oral health issues is their responsibility, not yours.

It will fulfill your responsibility to your patients. I believe it will be a practice builder to make my books available to your patients. However, just by recommending them to mercury-safe dentists, and my website, you will have at least addressed the issue of responsibility by pointing them in the right direction. 

In Summary

I believe it is vitally important to your practice to make patients aware of how these oral health issues can contribute to their health problems and negatively affect their efforts to achieve optimal health and extend longevity and quality of life.

Since I’m confident that you’re much more concerned with facts than fiction, I also suggest reviewing the references in the books and on my website. I spent thousands of hours researching and writing about this subject and you can take advantage of my efforts in this critically important area of health.

In closing, I believe it is long past time to bridge the communication gap between the dental and medical professions and bring whole-body health and healing into the 21st century. The mouth is an integral part of the body and what happens there will affect the entire body. I suggest that, as a health professional, you at least evaluate the available information I've presented and seriously consider that “Total Health Must Include Oral Health.” 

Note: This Online version of The Relationship of Oral to Overall Health: What Every Health Practitioner Needs to Know is available as a Booklet. The Booklet is part of my Marketing Program, Marketing and Promoting a Mercury-Safe Practice and is given to Health Practitioners, along with The Poison in Your Teeth Book and an Introduction Letter. You can order Booklets, Books, and the Introduction Letters, by calling 800-335-7755.

In Health, 

Dr. Tom